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Summer is almost over, and you know what that means; It's time to get back into the habit of going to school and getting homework done on time. 

The average student who did homework had a higher unit test score than the students not doing homework.” (Cooper, 2008) 

The key to getting homework done is having a proper workstation, which will enable students to work at home with ease. Here are some steps to consider when setting up a proper home workstation.

Figure out the purpose of your station: It is important to figure out what the workstation will be used for, before making any further decisions.

Pick a location: Often homes come with home office rooms or an office nook, so why not use the space which is already provided. Otherwise, find a location in your home which you feel is suitable. Idealy you want a location which:

  • Is away from distractions (TV, stereos, and gaming consoles)
  • Has plenty of sunlight, and air circulation
  • Provides motivation to study.
  • Helps keep you or your child organized.

Pick the right size: Majority of the time will be spent on the homework station during after school hours. Idealy you want the right size where you:

  • Can store important reading materials such as textbooks and important documents.
  • Have space to move around and stretch
  • Can place a computer (laptop computer preferred) and a printer (optional).
  • Have enough space to multitask.
    • Ex: Typing up an essay, while reading quotes from a textbook


  • Have space to organize loose cables.
  • Have space to place a surge protector.

Identify additional office furniture or accessories which are needed for your workstation: Assignments and other tasks will be done a lot faster, when all needed items are within reach. Here are some ideas on possible items which you should include on your homework station:

Focus on comfort, and not the price tag: As a university student this is the most critical piece of advice I can give you. Having a uncomfortable workspace can pose health risks. You should make sure your furniture is:

  • Ergonomic
  • Easily adjusted
  • Risk free for to the user.
  • Easily cleaned and sanitised without leaving any debris

Additional advice:

  • The computer monitor is directly leveled with your eyes.
  • The keyboard and mouse are Ergonomic
  • To adjust the brightness of the monitor, to reduce stress on the eyes.
  • The PC should be placed in an open space

We hope you enjoyed the little tips and tricks we have for the best work space; here's a list of the items we used:


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